In simplest terms, a sync placement is the use of your music or song in media (for example Film, TV, Games and Ads).

A quality sync placement can mean money, potential exposure, promotional opportunities and more - and doesn't every songwriter, artist and producer want these things?

We want to support you getting sync placements for your music - whether that's your first placement or securing ongoing sync placements - and we have created the services below to help you the very best we can!

Is it realistic to think that you can get sync placements for your music?

YES! It absolutely is!

Where do you begin?

Well, a great place to start is with this FREE guide: How To Get Sync Placements.

This guide gives a simple and clear breakdown of what sync is, how it works and what you can do to get yourself in the sync game.

It's so important to have accurate, detailed metadata for your songs so they stand the best chance of getting sync placements.

But what are the different types of metadata? How do you choose metadata for each song? How do you embed metadata anyway?

Metadata, The Key To Getting THE BEST Sync Placements For Your Music mini course teaches you all about metadata and includes a full library of metadata terms you will have for life.

Do you have songs you want to release commercially, fully confident that they are of industry standard for streaming, and potential sync placement?

PoppyMoth's Song Production Review Service provides you with professional feedback about what adjustments are needed to get your tracks exactly where you want them to be.

This Song Production Review Service is also redeemable against PoppyMoth Music and Vocal Production Services within a period of time.


Let's get your music to the professional, industry standards you need to create the sync opportunities you want!

PoppyMoth provides comprehensive music production services - including everything from basic song production to complex orchestration.

We also offer vocal recording and production - whether you need a single lead vocal for a quiet track or a full vocal package for your song.

We also provide songwriting services - covering everything from hooks and choruses to toplining, co-writing or full songwriting.

Got questions? We're here to help and we look forward to hearing from you!

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